1Raphael daden-Doddington Hall-light-sculpture-acrylic-LED
Stand Tall and Grow
Raphael daden-Peter Millard-light-sculpture-acrylic-LED-Ovation Of The Seas
Painting With Light Series 2
Raphaeldaden-london gpstudio-light-sculpture-acrylic-LED lighting london  light
Transformation Painting Series 1
1Raphaeldaden-nottingham light night-lightsculpture--LED-city arts-color-notting
Transformation Painting Series 2
Raphaeldaden-london-light-sculpture-acrylic-LED lighting nottingham city light
Different Shades
I Can Hear You
1Raphaeldaden-nottingham market-lightsculpture--LED-barton bus-color-england
Ghost Bus
Raphael - daden-Latitude-light-sculpture-acrylic-LED-light
Boxed Inside
Raphael daden-london-light-sculpture-acrylic-LED- canon- street
Pulse Of The City
Raphael Daden Light Acrylic Laser Cut LED Light
Green Pink Yellow Blue
Raphael daden Cardiff light-sculpture acrylic LED
Painting With Light
Raphael Daden Light Artist liverpool college neon lighting steel
Many Paths
Raphael Daden Light Artist Cambridge City Hospital
Travelling Water
Raphael Daden Light Artist Arc Hull City Council Neon Light Acrylic
Which Way Now
Raphael Daden Light Artist Belfast Northern Ireland resin led lighting
Sea Pattern
Raphael Daden Light Artist led lighting Sheffield City Voluntary Action center
Raphael daden liverpool nhs light resin leds light
Under The Water
Raphael Daden barking london City Council led light
Light Waves
Raphael Daden Geldards, The Ark, Nottingham
The Approach 2
Raphael Daden Light Artist Recycled Glass Arts Council grant light
Fields of Plenty
Raphael Daden Light Artist Nuneaton Stainless Steel resin led lighting
Light Columns
Raphael Daden Light Artist Resin Metal Halide Lighting Brighton City Centre
Brighton Cones
Raphael Daden Light Artist Public Arts Wakefield leeds centre lighting
Continuous Flow
Raphael Daden Light Artist Yeovil District Hospital Somerset Led Lighting Glass
Light Wall
Shedding Light
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Endless Pattern
Raphael Daden Light Artist Glastonbury Festival MDF lighting led
Text Tower
Pebbles Rock Pebbles
Beneath The Tide, Within The Tide
Raphael Daden Light Artist Broomfield Hospital Essex Hospital light photos
Outside, Inside
Raphael Daden Light Artist Belfast Northern Ireland resin led lighting
Sea Pattern Process
Tools Of The Day
Raphael Daden Light Artist  Dudley Birmingham resin led lighting
A Million Years Under The Sea
Water Patterns

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